Glenveagh Properties plc begins to reopen Construction sites.

18 May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020. Glenveagh Properties plc has today commenced the reopening of 16 construction sites in line with public health guidelines. The sites were closed seven weeks ago on the 30th March.


The Company has stressed that the reopening of sites will occur on a phased, gradual basis to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors have the opportunity to adapt to the new protocols which are in place. In Barnhall Meadows in Leixlip today some 30 construction workers returned to the site out of a full complement of over 100.


Speaking today, Glenveagh CEO, Stephen Garvey, said that the company was adopting a cautious approach and that it would be some time before all construction workers are back on sites; “the priority is health and safety and getting everyone used to the new protocols and that will take a little time. Our next priority will be to finish out units for over 500 customers who are looking forward to moving into a Glenveagh home this year.” 


The return to work applies only to the Company’s construction sites.  Employees in the Company’s head offices in Maynooth will be limited until the guidelines support them returning to work.


For the re-opening sites, Glenveagh has made a number of changes to normal procedures including:


  • Site staff have been required to participate in online training on the new protocols.


  • Start and end times are staggered to minimise congestion at site entrances/exists.


  • Workers have been advised to travel on their own to sites (rather than share vehicles).


  • The company has a contactless admission arrangement at site entrances and only construction workers who have completed the online Covid training on the new protocols and submitted their Covid 19 questionnaire will be admitted.


  • New washing/sanitising stations have been set up at the admission / exit points on the relevant sites and workers will wash and sanitise on entry and exit.


  • Extensive signage has been set up throughout the sites to emphasis social distancing.


  • Break times will be staggered and canteen facilities restricted to facilitate social distancing


  • Special “C19 Compliance Officers” have been appointed to deal with queries, coach staff and monitor observance of the relevant protocols.


Speaking today, Cathal Mooney, Head of Health & Safety, said that the existing safety culture on Glenveagh sites makes it easier to adapt to new protocols; “health and safety systems in large construction companies mean that people on sites like ours are used to working in a controlled environment.  The good news is that it is easier to introduce new protocols into a culture like that than would be the case in an unregulated setting.”



Issued on behalf of Glenveagh Properties PLC by Gordon MRM.

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