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27 Oct - Statement from the Chairman (Robert Elliott) and Chief Executive (Jeremy Masding) of Permanent TSB

Below is a link to a PDF of the statement issued on behalf of Permanent TSB on Wednesday last in respect of the tracker issue.

Note: On Thursday the 26th PTSB issued an update to this statement which confirmed that 1,448 impacted customers of the bank had (as of that day) been fully redressed and compensated and relevant payments have been made to them. The statement continued; “To be clear this means that these 1,448 customers have accepted and received the payments for redress and compensation made by the bank; some did so over two years ago. This represents 73% of the 1,971 customers which the bank stated that it had identified as impacted.”

Embargo 4.45pm 25th Oct 2017 Statement from Permanent TSB re Tracker Issue.pdf